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About Us

Team ARS is especially well prepared to handle Healthcare Accounts. We realize this can be a very sensitive area for the consumer. ARS has set a high standard for handling the providers’ accounts while maintaining their community relations at the same time. To properly handle the accounts, ARS has partnered with quality vendors to assist in skip tracing, credit reporting, letter outsourcing, NCOA processing, screening for right party phones,address, and if needed, reviews for Federal Poverty Guidelines and 501R qualifications.
Learning ARS is committed to Compliance in this complex industry, with continuous training of the staff and testing for proper understanding. Behind the testing, systems are in place to monitor calls and outcomes on a regular basis. ARS maintains a collection staff with hundreds of years’ combined experience to give you the Best of the Best recoveries.
Vault ARS is a highly Secured environment for your accounts. We pride ourselves on paperless file transfers using a secured 24/7 FTP portal for your convenience. We provide a secured web portal for the consumer’s payments along with a web-based link to contact ARS for questions and additional assistance, if needed, to resolve their accounts

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