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Business to Business Debt Recovery

Account receivable recoveries are critical in today’s age of increased costs and lower margins for provided services. Therefore, it becomes essential, that once challenged by the non-paying customer’s account, that you depend on specialists in account recoveries and client services. The culture today is difficult to understand with all the laws, like Fair Debt Collections, HIPAA, HITECH, Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Security Breech notifications. Those laws, among with many others, should dictate who you choose as a partner to help maximize recoveries and minimize unnecessary exposure for your business. ARS has made it their primary goal to provide that quality service to our clients for over 27 years and remain committed for today and the future.

Every account, every consumer, and every dollar placed are reviewed to insure reasonable and lawful efforts are made to recover the funds due and improve your bottom line. The use of today’s technology, industry best practices and a highly trained staff are employed on your behalf. In doing so, the Customer Service aspect is our top priority along with the retention of your customer for the future.

ARS is confident that our cost-effective, no collections-no fee solution is just right for your business.

Maximize Recoveries Minimize Exposure

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